On 24 September 2014, the General Court of the EU (the “General Court”) annulled the restrictive measures imposed on Colonel Gaddafi’s cousin, Ahmed Mohammed Qadhaf Al Dam, including the freezing of his assets and a travel ban.

Mr. Qadhaf Al Dam had been included in the sanctions list against Libya in February 2011 on the grounds that he had "been involved in planning operations against Libyan dissidents abroad and was directly involved in terrorist activity", and had been re-listed on the same grounds in April  2013. The General Court found no reason for renewing the sanctions in 2013 - Gaddafi’s regime had been overthrown and Qadhaf Al Dam had in any event resigned from the regime.

The General Court stated: "Although the Council claimed that in spite of the change of regime in Libya in 2011 he still represented a threat to restoring civil peace to that country, it provided no proof in that respect, despite Mr. Qadhaf al Dam's challenges."

The restrictive measures against Mr. Qadhaf Al Dam will remain in place for two months to allow the EU an opportunity to appeal against the ruling.

Wall Street Journal News Article (subscription required)

Case T-348/13 Ahmed Mohammed Al Kadhaf Dam v Council [2014] (in French)