As of November 2017, Thailand will accede to the so-called Madrid Protocol as member no. 99. This entails cost savings compared to previously when trademark proprietors are to register their trademarks in Thailand.

The Madrid Protocol is an international system through which trademark proprietors may apply for protection in several countries through one basic registration. The system is continuously expanded with new countries and, as of 7 November 2017, Thailand will accede as member no. 99. 

With Thailand’s accession to the Madrid Protocol trademark proprietors now have the possibility of registering their trademarks in Thailand with great cost savings compared to previously since a local representative being a very expensive intermediary may be avoided.

Traditionally, Thailand is a large market within counterfeit goods and, accordingly, the accession to the Madrid Protocol is very well received. As a trademark proprietor it has become even more attractive with an international registration through the Madrid Protocol.

The simple and efficient registration system is an advantage both in terms of time and money if you want to have a trademark registered in several countries, particularly because fees for the national submission representatives will be avoided.

  • Based on an international application, a person or an enterprise may obtain a registration of a trademark through individual "designations" in each of the 99 signatory countries selected by the applicant.
  • The application will be handled by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) who is administering the Protocol.
  • WIPO will examine whether the formal requirements for the application have been satisfied and whether the required fees have been paid. If this is the case, the trademark will be registered and published in the WIPO Gazette of International Marks.
  • Within a time limit of either 12 or 18 months (18 months for Denmark and Thailand), each of the countries designated in the registration may refuse the registration in full or in part with respect to that country.
  • If the application is maintained for one or several countries, the registration will apply for 10 years from the international registration date with the option of renewal.