A former associate at Litchfield Cavo has filed a blistering Complaint against the firm in the Southern District of New York, alleging that a partner at the firm sexually harassed her on multiple occasions.

Bari Klein worked for Litchfield from September of 2013 until November of 2014. According to her Complaint, firm partner Louis Eckert repeatedly harassed her during that time, and the firm eventually terminated her in retaliation for her complaints of discrimination.

Klein’s alleges that Eckert, among other things, repeatedly inquired about her sex life, encouraged her to do more to satisfy her husband, discussed his own sex life, discussed strip clubs, and claimed, “You’re a woman and an associate; no one in the firm will take you seriously.”

Klein also alleges that she brought Eckert’s behavior to the attention of Litchfield partners, but that she was told she could lose her job if she brought the behavior to the attention of the management committee, that Mr. Eckert brings in millions of dollars for the firm and that she should not contact the name partners of the firm.

View the case (PDF)