The United Kingdom Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) has dismissed an appeal of a decision by the Office of Fair Trade (OFT) to close an ongoing investigation of alleged anticompetitive conduct, confirming the OFT’s power to manage its investigative resources. The appeal was brought before the CAT by Casting Book Limited, which had complained to the OFT of an alleged boycott in the supply of celebrity merchandise. The OFT subsequently closed its investigation into the alleged boycott in February 2006, prompting Casting Book to appeal to the CAT claiming that the OFT decision amounted to a non-infringement decision that the CAT should review. CAT dismissed the appeal, however, ruling that the OFT had not rendered a decision capable of being appealed. Senior Director for Competition at the OFT, Vincent Smith, welcomed the CAT’s decision, stating “We are committed to focusing our resources on high impact cases. The decision confirms our ability to close cases where we think our resources are better focused on other work.”