The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) is consulting on its 2016/17 plan and budget. The plan and budget set out the FSCS' plans for the year ahead, including its assumptions about future claims volumes. Among other things, in the 2016/17 plan and budget, the FSCS: (i) has approved a management expenses levy limit (MELL) of £67.4 million, which is lower than the 2015/16 budget; (ii) states that the indicative 2016/17 annual levy amounts to £363 million (as compared to £319 million in 2015/16); and (iii) sets the levy on investment intermediaries at £108 million, which is slightly lower than 2015/16. Comments are invited by 22 February 2016, following which the FSCS will review its claims and levy assumptions and announce the final 2016/17 levy in April 2016.