.TEL is a new top level domain approved by ICANN that will be launched on December 3, 2008 and available exclusively to trade-mark owners, assignees, and licensees during the "Sunrise Period". The .TEL domain will subsequently be available, albeit with limited availability, during the "Landrush Period" and "General Availability" period thereafter.

The purpose of the .TEL domain is to offer domain names that enable individuals and companies to store, update and publish their contact information, web links and keywords under their unique .TEL domain name directly on the Internet without the need to create a website. Using the .TEL domain allows registrants to have control of contact and other information and set different levels of access for different types of users. Further information on the application and scope of the .TEL domain is available at the website for the sponsor of the .TEL domain, Telnic Limited, located at www.telnic.org.

There are three phases for registering .TEL domain names:

Sunrise Period (December 3, 2008 to February 2, 2009)

If you are the registered owner, assignee, or licensee of a trade-mark that was filed before May 30, 2008 with a public authority such as the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO), the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), or otherwise, you will have the opportunity to register a domain name under the .TEL extension that exactly matches the trade-mark owned, assigned or licensed, during the Sunrise Period.

The typical cost of registration for the .TEL domain name during the Sunrise Period is $399.00 U.S. for a three-year period and with a cost of $19.99 per year thereafter. Since the selection method is first-come, first-served, interested eligible registrants are encouraged to file applications as soon as possible.

Landrush Period (February 3, 2009 to March 23, 2009)

During this period, the application process is open to the general public but at a premium price. Any .TEL domain that is not registered during the Sunrise Period will be eligible for registration during the Landrush Period, which carries a mandatory threeyear minimum term, an initial cost of $375.00 U.S. and a subsequent cost of $19.99 U.S. per year thereafter. The selection method is first-come, first served but there is no validation involved.

General Availability (March 24, 2009)

During this period, registration is open to everyone. There is no validation involved and the registrations will carry a one-year minimum term with a cost of $19.99 U.S. The selection process is first come, first served.