Website Changes and New ACE Deployment C

This alert brings you recent developments affecting importers at US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in time for the spring season. Website Update

Recently, CBP updated its website. The update has given the website a new look, but has altered links to valuable information. To aid importers, here are updated links to important topics of interest (we note there is some overlap in topics because of the initial design of the website):

Please note that most of the items are under the “For the Trade Community” menu.

New ACE Features Coming in April 2014: ACE DEPLOYMENT C

On April 5, 2014 CBP will deploy new ACE features that:

  • Expand the Cargo Release foundation to the truck mode;
  • Extend advanced Cargo Release functionality to the ocean and rail modes;
  • Increase the number of entry summary validations in ACE; and
  • Transition exports processing to the ACE platform via a re-engineered Automated Export System (AES).

Here is a link to more detailed information on ACE Deployment C.