The renewable heat incentive scheme (RHI Scheme) is a government based financial support scheme to encourage the use of renewable energy sources for heat generation, paying a set rate per unit of renewable heat produced to the owner of the heating system. The domestic RHI, launched in April 2015, is of particular interest to those with homes in rural areas as it is targeted at homes off the gas grid. 

A heating system which serves a single dwelling may be eligible for the domestic RHI Scheme. If the criteria are met, the owner of the system will receive RHI Scheme payments for seven years. 

If a heating system serves more than one dwelling (including multiple flats in a single building or estate buildings) it may meet the criteria for the non-domestic RHI Scheme. If the application is successful, RHI Scheme payment will be made to the owner of the system for twenty years. 

The installation, location and maintenance of the heating system need to be carefully considered in relation to who is intended to claim the RHI Scheme payment. For example, in a simple lease situation, is the landlord intending to receive the payment, or is the tenant proposing to install a bio-mass boiler and claim RHI Scheme payments for the duration of the tenancy. 

On 28 January 2015 the government launched a six week “call for information” to inform amendments to the regulations to allow additional financing options. 

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