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What form should the notification take? What content is required?

The notification of a concentration of major importance should include the information prescribed in the law. The notification must be made in Greek and be accompanied by various supporting documents and other information which can be in English, including:

  • a copy of all final or most recent documents that brought about the concentration, either by agreement or following a public bid;
  • in the case of a public bid, a copy of the public bid document;
  • copies of the most recent annual reports and audited financial statements of all of the undertakings participating in the concentration;
  • copies of reports or analyses prepared for the purposes of the concentration;
  • a list and short description of the contents of all analyses, reports, studies and surveys that were prepared by or for any of the persons responsible for the notification, in order to evaluate or analyse the proposed concentration in relation to the market and competition conditions;
  • details of the concentration (eg, the nature and scope of the concentration, the financial and structural details of the concentration and each undertaking’s turnover in Cyprus and worldwide);
  • details of relationships of ownership and control between each participant in the concentration and the undertakings to which they are connected;
  • personal and economic ties between each group of undertakings and any other undertaking operating within the affected market in which the group holds, among other things, at least 10% of the voting rights or shares; and
  • a description and analysis of the affected relevant markets.

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