Earlier this year the Bulgarian Public Procurement Agency initiated the public procurement process for the development of a centralised public e-tendering platform. This was the second launch of the tender after the first tender, started in mid-2016, was cancelled.

The tender aims to secure Bulgaria’s compliance with Directive 2014/24/EU on public procurement which obliges EU member states to have a fully electronic public procurement process from October 2018. Bulgaria has chosen to have one centralised public e-tendering platform (rather than several competing platforms). The centralised platform should serve contracting authorities throughout the entire e-tendering process from planning, tendering, ordering, invoicing and control.

The deadline for submission of offers is 19 April 2017. The tender is organised under an open procedure. The estimated budget is BGN 5.6 million (about 3 million euros).

The tender documentation is available at http://rop3-app1.aop.bg:7778/portal/page?_pageid=93,1862312&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL