Despite a late election night, there were few surprises in Idaho as Republicans carried all of the federal and Constitutional races, and Idaho continues to contend with Wyoming and Utah as the reddest states in the Union. As predicted, Senator Risch, Congressman Labrador and Congressman Simpson were all reelected by large margins, each winning over 60 percent of the vote. The Constitutional races were a bit more competitive, with Governor Otter winning reelection with over 53 percent of the vote, Lawerence Denney winning the race for Secretary of State by receiving 56 percent of the vote, and the rest of Idaho’s statewide incumbents winning by comfortable margins of at least 20 percentage points or more. In the closest race of the night, and the best opportunity that Democrats have had to win their first statewide election in Idaho since 2002, Republican Sherri Ybarra (despite her plague ridden campaign) pulled off the upset by defeating Democrat Jana Jones 50.7 to 49.3 percent to replace outgoing State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Luna. In the State Legislature, where Republicans have held 85 out 105 seats since 2010, it appears that Idaho Democrats will have picked up a net gain of one legislative seat.

At the Federal level, and as predicted by most pundits, Republicans took control of the U.S. Senate by retaining every one of the GOP-held seats that was up for grabs and picking up more than the six seats needed to take control of the upper chamber. In the U.S. House of Representatives, Republicans added to their majority by picking up at least twelve seats, giving Republicans their biggest majority since their post World War II record of 246 seats in 1946.

Here are the full results from Idaho’s federal and Constitutional officer elections as of 7 AM this morning and with 100 percent of precincts reporting.

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Additionally, full election results, including legislative races and much more, can be found on the Secretary of State’s website at: