Did you know that Oklahoma City has been ranked the #1 most affordable and a Top 5 fastest-growing city in America? The oil and gas industry is a big economic contributor, but we are also home to 265 aviation and aerospace companies employing 38,000 workers.

In 2009, Oklahoma published its “Strategic Plan for the Growth of the Oklahoma Aerospace Industry,” providing a road map by focusing on emerging areas critical to the industry:

  • Nanotechnology, composites, and advanced materials
  • Engine technology
  • Alternative fuels for aviation
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and sensors
  • Aerospace simulation, testing and training
  • FAA NextGen system development and testing
  • Lean and green operational practices

According to http://www.okcommerce.gov/, there are more than 500 aerospace-related companies in the state (265 in Oklahoma City), employing nearly 150,000 workers, with an aggregated payroll of $5 billion, and exporting to 170 countries.

High-Flying Entities