On May 24th, at a House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee hearing, CFPB advisor Elizabeth Warren faced aggressive questioning on the agency’s regulatory initiatives and her personal plans for the future. While Warren was largely able to dodge questions concerning a possible recess appoint to head the agency, she faced heated questioning from Subcommittee Chairman McHenry and other Republican members on mortgage services reform, the power of the CFPB, the agency’s funding structure and the Bureau’s system for handling consumer complaints.

Although the White House stressed that it was not planning on putting Warren in through a recess appoint at this time, House Speaker Boehner exercised his option to require the Senate to go into pro forma sessions this week to prevent an actual recess from occurring. The Bureau is going “live” on July 21st and as of today it is unclear who, if anyone will be the director on that day.