I don't usually do my personal shopping based on whether a store is LEED certified, but maybe I should.  Maybe companies will begin marketing to the public more that they are "eco-friendly" if the public started to notice. Maybe I should start to take notice? I do like a good bargain and if the store is LEED certified, then all the better for me.

Kohl’s department stores recently announced that the company’s new store prototype has achieved LEED Gold pre-certification.  Using the LEED standard for retail, new construction rating system by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and verified by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI). Kohl’s is the first company in the nation to achieve this designation in the LEED Volume Program that was launched in November 2010.  Kohl’s stores had previously achieved LEED Silver certification.

Kohl’s has more than 200 total LEED certified stores today with features that include using regional recycled building materials, energy efficient building designs, building automation systems, water efficient plumbing and irrigation, air quality practices, green cleaning practices, recycling and environmental education programs.

Beginning in Spring 2012, all new Kohl’s stores will be designed and constructed using the LEED gold certified prototype and they will pursue LEED certification post-construction.

Will you shop there now? Will try and get work from Kohl's now?