North Korea is said to have obtained Canadian snowmobiles, Swedish snow-blowers and Italian and German snow ploughs despite these items being subject to UN and EU sanctions. An article in the British Daily Telegraph reports that North Korea was able to avoid the sanctions regimes by obtaining the goods, destined for the Masik Pass ski resort, from third party suppliers. The regime in Pyongyang had previously attempted to obtain  an entire ski lift from Switzerland, but was refused by the Swiss company as it determined that it could not provide “infrastructure and equipment for sport facilities with a luxury character”.

Security Council Resolution 1718 (2006) prohibiting the sale of “luxury goods” (PDF)

Security Council Resolution 2094 (2013) clarifying “luxury goods” (PDF)

EU Council Decision 2013/183/CFSP prohibiting the sale of “luxury goods” (PDF)

EU Council Regulation (EC) No 329/2007 prohibiting the sale of “luxury goods” (PDF)

A Daily Telegraph article regarding this issue