The Joint Plan of Action (“JPOA”) which Iran entered into with China, France, Germany, the Russian Federation, UK and USA (“EU3+3”) in November 2013 has been extended for a further four months as negotiations over Iran’s nuclear programme continue. Originally due to last until 20 July 2014, it will now last until 24 November 2014. Under the JPOA, Iran has given various undertakings in return for which the EU and US have agreed to suspend certain of the prohibitions imposed on Iran and release a limited amount of restricted funds belonging to Iran. The sanctions that have been suspended include the EU prohibitions contained in Council Decision 2010/413/CFSP and certain US “secondary sanctions” against the Iranian petroleum and automotive industries; additionally, the US has agreed to authorize the exportation of civilian aircraft parts and maintenance services to Iran and to facilitate certain payments. Pursuant to EU Council Decision 2014/480/CFSP and a guidance document and amended statement of policy issued by the US government, these suspensions have been extended until 24 November 2014. Iran’s undertakings include, among other things, not enriching uranium over 5%, not creating new locations for enrichment, and providing specified information to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

FCO Press Release

Council Decision 2014/480/CFSP

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Council Decision 2010/413/CFSP

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