Governor Steve Beshear unveiled a comprehensive energy plan for Kentucky which calls for greenhouse gas reductions and could potentially create 40,000 jobs. Gov. Beshear said, “Kentucky can be a national leader in energy technology and production.” The plan’s initial greenhouse gas target is to reach 20 percent below 1990 levels by 2025.  

The plan calls for Kentucky—the nation’s third largest coal producer—to develop a coal-to-liquids industry by producing 4 billion gallons of liquids from coal per year by 2025. Governor Beshear’s plan also calls for expanded research and development of carbon capture and storage (CCS). The plan states, “Of all the technologies addressed in this plan, CCS has the greatest technological uncertainty, which is why this strategy emphasizes the need for research, demonstration, and deployment.” One of the plan’s primary goals is that 50 percent of Kentucky’s coal-based energy facilities will be equipped with some form of carbon management technology by 2025.

The plan would create Kentucky’s Renewable and Efficiency Portfolio Standard (REPS). The plan also calls for an Alternative Transportation Fuel Standard (ATFS), which would allow Kentucky to transition away from its reliance on foreign petroleum.

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