In a news release dated March 16, 2017, the Province of Manitoba announced its plans to remove the general prohibitions against the expansion of hog barns and manure storage facilities now contained in The Environment Act. What became known as the “hog barn moratorium” resulted from 2008 amendments to The Environment Act, which prohibited the construction, expansion or modification of a confined livestock area for pigs, or a pig manure storage facility, located anywhere within the Red River Valley floodplain. That area included the entirety of some twenty rural municipalities and several towns and villages.

To effect the change, the Government has introduced Bill 24, The Red Tape Reduction and Government Efficiency Act, 2017. If passed, it would result in the repeal of sections 40.1 and 40.2 of The Environment Act. There is no indication that there will be any changes in the municipal conditional use approval process that applies to intensive livestock operations under The Planning Act.