The California Environmental Protection Agency’s (Cal/EPA’s) Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC ) has proposed regulations designed to reduce chemicals of concern in consumer products. In addition to establishing a list of these chemicals and identifying up to five “priority products” that contain one or more chemicals of concern, the proposed regulations would require manufacturers that produce or sell the priority products in California to (i) identify potential alternatives and conduct an alternative assessment using a process and criteria described in the proposal, and (ii) produce a report detailing their findings and proposed next steps to DTSC . The agency would then review each report and publish for comment its proposed regulatory response, which might include use restrictions, sales prohibitions or engineering or administrative controls. After receiving public comment, DTSC would then notify the manufacturer of the regulatory response or responses and any compliance deadlines. DTSC will hold a public hearing on the proposed regulations on September 10, 2012. Written comments are due September 11.