The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) seeks written comments from the public pertaining to China’s patent enforcement system. Noting that China’s patent and trademark offices are among the world’s largest in filings and that its intellectual property (IP) enforcement system is being increasingly used by U.S. patent rights holders, USPTO conducted a series of roundtable discussions in 2011 with the patent community focusing on “the challenges U.S. investors are facing with China’s judicial and administrative patent enforcement system.”

Preparing to address IP enforcement issues with the Chinese government, USPTO intends to create a report that recommends system improvements. To ensure a wide array of views, USPTO requests comments on (i) “acquisition and enforcement of utility model and design patents,” (ii) “evidence collection and preservation in Chinese courts,” (iii) “obtaining damages and injunctions,” (iv) “enforceability of court orders,” and (v) “administrative patent enforcement.” Comments are requested by November 4, 2011. See Federal Register, October 17, 2011.