The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (“ACEEE”) released on September 27th its 10th anniversary Energy Efficiency Scorecard (“Scorecard”).

ACEEE ranks states on their energy efficiency policy and program efforts and provides recommendations for ways that the organization believes states can improve their performance in a variety of policy areas.

The State of Arkansas was ranked 27th on the Scorecard. Arkansas’s border states were ranked:

  • Louisiana – 47
  • Texas – 27
  • Oklahoma – 44
  • Missouri – 32
  • Tennessee – 25
  • Mississippi – 46

ACEEE states that Arkansas advanced four places from its 2015 ranking and scored 15.5 points out of a possible 50. This was stated to be 2.5 points more than it earned last year.

The categories in each state’s ranking include:

  • Utilities (Policies and Programs)
  • Transportation
  • Building Energy Codes
  • Combined Heat & Power
  • State Government-Led Initiatives
  • Appliance Standards
  • Highlights and Opportunities

Under the State of Arkansas’s section titled “Highlights and Opportunities” ACEEE notes:

Arkansas continues to rank among the most energy-efficient states in the Southeast and is one of the few states in the region to set long-term efficiency targets for utilities. As its utility programs mature, Arkansas continues to achieve increasingly higher levels of savings in its homes and businesses. Yet opportunities remain for the state to improve, including strengthening building codes, pursuing more efficient transportation policies, and encouraging CHP as a resource.

A link to the ACEEE Scorecard can be found here.