Recent developments

On June 28, 2014, Turkey significantly amended its regulations on price tags to comply with the new Consumer Protection Law (effective May 28, 2014). The Price Tag Regulation replaces the Tag, Tariff and Price Lists Regulation, and includes more detailed provisions on price tags.

What the new regulation says

  • The scope of the Price Tag Regulation has been extended to apply to all goods and services that are offered to consumers. This now includes enterprises that have been or must be licensed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, which were previously excluded.

  • Under the Price Tag Regulation, a price tag must now include the product's (i) unit price (except where the unit price is equal to the sales price) and (ii) country of origin in Turkish.

  • The sales price and unit price must be written on the product's package in the same size and color, and be easily visible and legible on the price tags of products sold to consumers.

  • Under the Price Tag Regulation: 

    • both the discounted and original prices of goods and services must be shown on tariffs, price lists and price tags, including in restaurants and similar places, which were previously excluded;

    • for discounted sales, prices must be stated together with, and in the same size as, the original sales price;

    • the duration of discounted sales must not exceed (i) three months if conducted due to the enterprise's opening, transfer, change of business address or activity, and (ii) six months if conducted due to liquidation under the Turkish Commercial Code.

  • In addition to the Ministry of Customs and Trade and municipalities, local chambers of commerce are now authorized to supervise the implementation of, and compliance with, the provisions under the Price Tag Regulation. Any noncompliance with the regulation must be notified by these authorities to the relevant governor's office for further action.

Actions to consider

Companies should be aware how these significant changes may affect their operations in Turkey, and take steps to ensure compliance with the Price Tag Regulation.