On 18 June 2012, Ofcom published a consultation document on its 2011-2012 business connectivity market review. The document focuses on measures to address Ofcom’s concerns about the extent of competition in the provision of leased lines in the UK. Leased lines, also known as private circuits, provide dedicated transmission capacity between fixed locations. They play a significant role in business communications; support a variety of applications in the public and private sectors; and are used by communication providers to deliver fixed and mobile broadband services to consumers. Through its proposals, Ofcom hopes to improve the availability, choice, price, quality and value for money of data-transfer services throughout the UK. Its market review process will involve three formal steps: (1) defining each relevant market in terms of product and geographic scope; (2) assessing whether any communication provider has significant market power in a relevant market; and (3) assessing which regulatory remedies should be imposed to address competition concerns arising from significant market power. Ofcom is inviting comments by 24 August 2012. Read more.