The chairman of the French broadcast regulator has issued a report on the future of digital terrestrial television (DTT) in France. The report focuses on the competitive landscape for DTT, legal challenges to the so-called "bonus channels," the need for more efficient broadcasting and future spectrum needs. The title of the opening section provocatively characterizes DTT as an economic sector "fluctuating between stability and stagnation" (translated). That section touches on sensitive questions such as whether there is a viable business model in France for subscription DTT channels and whether the launching of a free DTT over-the-air channel by France's pay TV giant Canal+ might create competitive distortions. A related question later in the report focuses on the optimum number of channels – France currently has six DTT multiplexes in operation, and two additional multiplexes, called R7 and R8, are ready to be launched in the near future. (We describe this item in more detail on the Hogan Lovells International Spectrum Review blog).