Millions of DISH Network customers nationwide were left temporarily without high definition television channel service on Tuesday as a result of an anomaly that impacted the Ciel-2 satellite that is leased by DISH at 129° West Longitude. Manufactured by Thales Alenia Space, Ciel-2 was launched in 2008 and is partly owned by SES Americom. DISH leases Ku-band satellite capacity at the orbital slot in question to support high-definition national channel feeds that include ESPN, TBS, the USA Network, the Weather Channel and hundreds of local HD channels. After acknowledging an interruption in service around 7 PM EDT on Tuesday, DISH assisted affected customers in switching to standard definition channels while technicians worked to solve the problem. By Wednesday morning, the company reported that service had been restored to all but a few customers. Officials of DISH and SES, meanwhile, offered no comment on what caused the incident.