No national scale guidelines for employers have been issued. However, for the DKI Jakarta area, on 28 August 2020, the Head of the Provincial Manpower, Transmigration and Energy Office of the Special Capital Region of Jakarta issued Decree No. 1986 of 2020 on COVID-19 Prevention and Control Protocols in Private Offices, state-owned enterprises (“BUMN”), region-owned enterprises (“BUMD”) and Workplaces.

Under the regulation, among other things:

  1. The protocols for the prevention and control of COVID-19 in private offices, workplaces, BUMN and BUMD under the Regulation are to be implemented in the following manner, among other things:
    1. the leadership of the company must issue a decree on the formation of a COVID-19 handling team consisting of company leaders, personnel, occupational safety and health (K3) officers, medical personnel in work health services / company polyclinics and security / security officers;
    2. not terminate the employment relationship with and continue to provide the rights that employees normally receive to those under self-isolation / self-quarantine;
    3. conduct regular health checks of all employees to make sure that they are not infected with COVID-19 and require guests/visitors to complete a self-assessment form.
  2. Private offices, workplaces, BUMNs and BUMDs must report in writing and through the link if an employee has been in close contact with a probable of confirmed case (kontak erat), is suspected of being (suspek), probably is (probable), is confirmed to be infected (konfirmasi) or has been travelling (pelaku perjalanan).