Seeger Weiss LLP has asked a federal court in New York to dismiss claims that  it infringed the trademarks of Vitamin Shoppe Industries, Inc. by using them on a Website——established to solicit information from plaintiffs for a potential class action involving the company’s BodyTech® protein supplements. Vitamin Shoppe Indus., Inc. v. Seeger Weiss LLP, No. 13-8333 (U.S. Dist. Ct., S.D.N.Y., motion filed February 10, 2014). According to the law firm, the Website could neither confuse consumers that the site was affiliated with the supplement maker nor dilute the company’s trademark. “No reasonable person could believe that Vitamin Shoppe was soliciting disgrun- tled customers to sue itself.” Seeger Weiss has apparently taken down the Website since the lawsuit was filed and offered to transfer the domain name  to the company, thus rendering the lawsuit moot as well, the firm argues.