The California School Nurses Organization ("CSNO") has contacted a number of school districts asserting that only licensed healthcare providers may administer "controlled substances," including medications that are commonly administered at schools by non-nurses, such as medication for ADHD or depression.  The CSNO bases this assertion on Health & Safety Code section 11154, subdivision (a) and its reading of American Nurses Assn. v. Torlakson (2013) 57 Cal 4th 570.  The CSNO relies on a single sentence in the case, however, and may be taking this language out of context.  The case uses the Health and Safety Code section as an illustration that the State Board of Education prohibits unlicensed school personnel to administer medications in violation of other laws and regulations, but not all prescription medications generally.  The CSNO may be correct that some commonly prescribed medications technically fall under Health and Safety Code section 11007's definition of "controlled substance," but that would have to be determined case-by-case and drug-by-drug, rather than by a broad categorization such as all medications for depression.