While dozens of consumers have purportedly experienced nausea and cramps after eating Chobani Greek Yogurt products allegedly contaminated with mold, a California resident without apparent physical injury has filed a putative class action against the company to recover damages for purchasing a defective product. Green v. Chobani, Inc., No. 13-2106 (U.S. Dist. Ct., S.D. Cal., filed September 9, 2013). Plaintiff Harold Green alleges that he purchased 16 cups of yogurt subject to a company recall and that he and his family members consumed some of them before the September 5, 2013, recall date. After receiving notice of the recall, the plaintiff claims that he returned six cups to the store.

Seeking to represent a nationwide class and statewide subclass of purchasers, the plaintiff alleges negligence and breach of the implied warranty of merchantability for food. He requests restitution, disgorgement, interest, compensatory damages, attorney’s fees, and costs. See NBCNews.com, September 10, 2013.