According to China’s official news agency, Xinhua, nearly 2,000 people have been arrested or detained for alleged sale or distribution of counterfeit drugs and healthcare products. As part of this major enforcement effort, Chinese officials had seized over $180 million in counterfeit drugs for the treatment of cancer, hypertension, and diabetes. Some of the practices of particular concern appear to be hospital workers who save old drug packages and re-sell the packages to counterfeiters who put fake drugs in the packages. Some fraudulent medicines are being marketed over the internet, direct to consumers, and these can be more difficult for the government to monitor. The government has stepped up enforcement of food and drug products that pose a health and safety risk. It appears some of the fake drugs subject to this most recent enforcement can cause liver damage or cardiac arrest. China’s Ministry of Public Security said it would offer rewards to individuals who help to uncover counterfeit drug activities. This suggests that China, like other countries, is looking to leverage citizen whistle blowing, as part of the enforcement process. It may also be that such issues become more prominent with the upcoming changes in China’s national political leadership.