In 2012, TIPO received a total of 85,073 patent applications, an annual increase of 2.5%.  Patent applications filed by foreigners and ROC nationals grew respectively 5.8% and 0.56% to 32,558 and 52,515, both of which were record high since 1999.  Among the invention patent applications filed by foreigners, Japan stayed on top, the United States ranked second, Korea was the third and mainland China surpassing Germany to leap to number 4.

In 2012, the number of trademark applications filed by Taiwanese totaled 55,696, an annual increase of 9.4%.  The number of trademark applications filed by foreigners increased 11.6% to 18,661.  Among the foreign applicants, Japanese was ranked first with 4,270 applications, followed by the Americans (3,841) and mainland Chinese (2,544).