Three companies, Shell, Dalprop and Hertel UK, were jointly ordered to pay in excess of £326k following a crush incident at Shell’s Stanlow plant in Cheshire. Stephen Rizzotti, a human resources manager for Dalprop, was walking across a designated walkway when the cord carrying a cage which was used to carry debris suspended above the walkway snagged, causing the cage full of rubble to fall and crush Mr Rizzotti and narrowly miss a second employee. Mr Rizzotti sustained multiple injuries, including a broken back, broken legs and a broken pelvis, and remained in intensive care for fi ve months post-accident. He was left paralysed from the waist down. The HSE investigation established that neither Shell nor Dalprop made any reference to lifting equipment in the risk assessments completed prior to starting the job. The HSE also confi rmed that the cage should have been located away from the walkway and that had these considerations been taken into account, the incident would have been avoided. Shell and Dalprop admitted breaching Regulation 8(1)(c) of the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 and were fi ned £116,666 with costs of £16,204 and £83,333 and costs of £11,115 respectively. Hertel, who were responsible for the scaffolding and the boards around the lifting equipment, pleaded guilty to breaching section 3(1) of the HSWA and was fi ned £83,333 and ordered to pay costs of £16,204 .