I’m not sure what is the point of continually asking people what they think of retirement, either for those who are retired or those who are close to it. But another insurance company has done so. Here are the startling conclusions: people who are retired generally like being retired. Anecdotally, I have yet to speak with a retired person who wished he or she were back in the workforce. Also, the survey found that those who have not yet retired plan to work longer than those who have already retired. That, I suppose, is their solution for not having saved enough for retirement; just keep working indefinitely. That might work for some, but others can’t continue to work because of health issues, and others just get tired of working. One point made by this survey that hadn’t occurred to me before was the difference in attitudes based on whether the individual was a disciplined planner of the retirement process. Not surprisingly, those who had disciplined plans had a more satisfying retirement. Finally, a significant percentage (42) of those surveyed had not spoken to anyone regarding retirement. The takeaway from this survey: stop reading surveys and make some basic plans about how you’re going to deal with retirement.

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