Enforcement of patents is at the very top of the EC’s agenda at the moment. On Jan. 31, 2012, it opened a formal investigation against Samsung to determine whether it illegally took infringement action to protect patents incorporated in mobile telephone standards. This could be an abuse of a dominant position, contrary to EU competition law, since it would normally be required to license such patents on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms. Then, when clearing Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility on Feb. 13, 2012, the EC specifically pointed out that it “will continue to keep a close eye on the behaviour of all market players in the [technology] sector, particularly the increasingly strategic use of patents.” It didn’t take long for the significance of this to become clear, as within a week it became known that both Apple and Microsoft had filed complaints with the EC against Motorola Mobility and/or Google concerning enforcement of standards-essential patents. Companies active in sectors in which patents are important would be well advised to keep an eye on these cases.