Health Insurance for Cancer Clinical Trials

On May 6, 2008, Governor Strickland signed into law Senate Bill 186, requiring health insurers to cover “routine patient care” administered during any stage of an eligible cancer clinical trial if that care would be covered under an individual’s insurance policy absent enrollment in a clinical trial. For more detailed information go to:

Abortion Law

Effective June 20, 2008, if an obstetric ultrasound examination is performed prior to an abortion or is to be performed as part of an abortion procedure, a physician is required to do the following:

  • Offer the woman the opportunity to view the ultrasound image of the embryo or fetus.
  • Offer to provide the woman with a physical picture of the ultrasound image. (O.R.C. §2317.561)

The State Medical Board is authorized to take disciplinary action against a physician who fails to comply with this new law. (O.R.C. §4731.22)