Please see below for today’s update on key Brexit news items:

  • Britain’s Supreme Court would like clearer guidance from Parliament on how it should deal with European Union court judgments after Brexit, its new president Brenda Hale said on Thursday. The issue of what weight, if any, judgments of the European Court of Justice will have in British law after the UK leaves the EU is one of many thorny areas in Brexit negotiations (Reuters UK).
  • The Trump administration has joined a group of countries objecting to a deal between the UK and EU to divide valuable agricultural import quotas, in a sign of how the US and others plan to use Brexit to force the UK to further open its sensitive market for farm products (the Financial Times).
  • Amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill drawn up by the Scottish and Welsh governments have been tabled at Westminster. The two devolved governments jointly drafted the amendments in a bid to avert what they term a “power grab” over the responsibilities. UK ministers insist that Holyrood and the Welsh Assembly will gain powers (the BBC).
  • A top official at the Bank of England has warned the government it has less than 12 weeks to agree a transition deal with the EU to prevent City firms starting to move jobs and businesses out of the UK (the Guardian).
  • Britain’s biggest cities are lobbying the government to replace European investment funding after Brexit as they make their voice heard in the exit process. David Davis, the minister in charge of the UK government negotiations, on Thursday met three northern mayors to listen to their concerns (the Financial Times).