The Swedish Competition Authority (“SCA”) approved two proposed acquisitions on the pharmacy sector, namely Oriola-KD Holding AB’s acquisition of Medstop Group Holding AB and ApoPharm AB’s acquisition of Vårdapoteket i Norden AB. All the undertakings are active, to a differing extent, in the operation of pharmacies on the Swedish market. Both the acquiring undertakings are also engaged in distribution of pharmaceuticals and commodities to pharmacies. The SCA commented that both acquisitions are part of the expected consolidation of the Swedish pharmacy market. The SCA found that neither of the acquisitions will significantly impede effective competition on the Swedish market or in any substantial part thereof. Source: Swedish Competition Authority’s Press Release 24/5/2013, Decision Oriola-KD Holding Sverige AB / Medstop Group Holding AB 22/5/2013 and Decision ApoPharm AB / Vårdapoteket I Norden AB 17/5/2013