Welcome to our monthly Transport Update, bringing you links to the major developments relevant to the transport industry.

Air Quality

Government refreshes e-bike Cycle to Work scheme

Cycling Minister Michael Ellis has announced a refreshed Cycle to Work scheme which could help more commuters turn to greener journeys using e-bikes and make it easier for employers to provide bicycles and equipment.

Clean air zones delayed

In a joint statement, Birmingham City Council and Leeds City Council have announced that the introduction of the UK's first Clean Air Zones is to be delayed due to a push back of the vehicle checker tool being delivered by the Government's Joint Air Quality Unit (JAQU). The tool had been planned for October 2019 but will now not be available until December. Camera infrastructure is however currently being installed by Leeds despite by the delay.

Proposal on car emissions testing in real driving conditions announced 

The European Commission has announced a proposal to reinsert certain aspects of Real Driving Emissions testing (RDE) into legislation to be adopted by the European Parliament and Council.

Autonomous Vehicles

Keolis and Ericsson showcase use of 5G on autonomous vehicles

At the UITP Global Public Transport Summit in Sweden, Keolis and Ericsson have showcased the use of 5G technology to remotely control and supervise autonomous vehicle fleets.

Transport and technology: public attitudes tracker - Wave 3 summary report

The Department for Transport (DfT) has published a report looking at public attitudes and awareness of transport technologies in England including drones, electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles. 


Heathrow expansion - CAA affordability and financeability update

The Civil Aviation Authority has published a working paper inviting comments on its updated assessment of the affordability and financeability of the development of new runway capacity at Heathrow. This follows its initial assessment of affordability and financeability included in its April 2018 consultation, updating that assessment to take account of developments in Heathrow Airport Ltd's masterplanning process for expansion. Consultation ends: 13 August 2019.

Heathrow third runway expansion

Heathrow Airport is consulting on preferred proposals for developing and operating an expanded Heathrow. They are seeking feedback on its masterplan, plans to operate the future airport and effects of expansion and growth. The consultation runs until 13th September 2019.


Rail transport, safety and technical standards if there's no Brexit deal

How leaving the EU without a deal will affect rail safety and technical standards, travelling by train and running a rail service.

Electric Vehicles

Government announces investment in electric car battery development

The Government has announced £23 million of funding for the development of the latest technology for electric car batteries. 

New requirements for electric chargepoints as we move towards net zero

From 1 July 2019, all chargepoints backed by the government Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme must have the ability to be remotely accessed and capable of receiving, interpreting and reacting to a signal. 

Transport Secretary reinforces pledge of a completely electric fleet by 2030

The DfT has announced that the Government Car Service is on track to meet ultra-low emission car targets, with electric vehicles making up nearly 23% of the entire fleet.

Market boosted across the EU for clean vehicles with binding procurement targets

The European Council has published a directive that adopts binding targets for zero-and low-emission vehicles in public procurement in each member state. The new rules are expected to increase market certainty, stimulate innovation and promote the global competitiveness of European industry.


European Council agrees position on easier use of digital information for freight transport

The European Council has agreed its approach on a proposal establishing a uniform legal framework for the use of electronic freight transport information in all modes of transport.


Update on the HS2 property price support scheme

The Department for Transport has published its review that summarises research into the suitability, risks and benefits that a property price support scheme could have along the HS2 route. The research follows on from the technical consultation’s original outcome.

High Speed 2 Phase 2b update

In a written statement to Parliament, the DfT and Nusrat Ghani MP have provided an update on HS2 Phase 2B consultations and safeguarding directions.

HS2 Phase 2b working draft Environmental Statement and Equality Impact Assessment Report

High Speed Two (HS2) Ltd has published summaries of the responses it received on two consultations on Phase 2b: "HS2 Phase 2b working draft Environmental Statement" and "HS2 Phase 2b working draft Equality Impact Assessment Report".

High Speed Two: Phase 2b Design Refinement Consultation

A DfT consultation on 11 proposed refinements to the Phase 2b (Crewe to Manchester and West Midlands to Leeds) line of route. Consultation ends: 6 September 2019.

High Speed Rail (West Midlands - Crewe) Bill Select Committee: Third Special Report of Session 2017-19

The High Speed Rail (West Midlands - Crewe) Bill Select Committee special and final report on the High Speed Rail (West Midlands-Crewe) Bill 2017. Following this final report, the Committee of Selection will appoint a Public Bill Committee which will examine the Bill as amended in the Bill Select Committee. 

Government overview of the case for HS2 Phase 2a and its environmental impacts

A DfT command paper sets out an overview of the case for HS2 Phase 2a and its environmental impacts and sets out the main measures to avoid, reduce and offset the major adverse effects of HS2 Phase 2a.

Rail Franchises

Southeastern franchise extended

The DfT and the Govia joint venture have agreed a short-term extension to the current South Eastern passenger franchise until November 10 with an option for a further extension to April 1 2020.

Rail Network

ORR publishes train driving licences and certificates

The Office of Rail and Road has published a series of guides to explain the duties and responsibilities arising from the Train Driving Licences and Certificates Regulations 2010. There are various separate guides and a key facts leaflet for train drivers.

Framework agreement between the Department for Transport and Network Rail

The DfT has published a revised policy paper setting out how Network Rail and the Department for Transport will work together in terms of corporate governance and financial management.

DfT’s role in shaping the future of the railway

In a speech made at Rail Live, DfT Permanent Secretary Bernadette Kelly has set out her ambitions for the Rail Review and industry diversity.

£7.8 million to drive forward innovative ideas to transform railways

The UK's rail network is set to become more efficient, greener and cleaner thanks to new funding for innovative ideas.

Network Rail’s new regions go live

Network Rail will implement the first phase of changes to its organisation to demonstrate they are on the side of passengers and freight users. The changes will shift power and decision making into smaller, regional organisations that are closer to customers and gives local managers the levers and authority to deal with performance related issues.

Network Rail awards contracts to deliver signalling 

Network Rail has announced the award of 17 minor signalling frameworks worth in the region of £215m for Control Period 6 (2019-2024).

ORR's Regulation of Land Disposals by Network Rail

The Office of Rail and Road (ORR) has published responses to its consultation document entitled "ORR's Regulation of Land Disposals by Network Rail". They also took this opportunity to amend their regulatory arrangements.

Road Network

Road safety: mobile phones inquiry

The Transport Committee is taking evidence into road safety and mobile phones, as part of its wider inquiry into road safety. It will consider: the use of mobile phones by drivers and risks; the adequacy of legislation relating to mobile phone use by motorists; and how enforcement and education around mobile phone use can be improved.

Consultation on banning Tyres aged 10 years and older

The Department for Transport and Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVLA) is seeking comments on a proposed ban on tyres aged 10 years and older from heavy goods vehicles, heavy trailers, buses, coaches and minibuses. Consultation ends: 1 September 2019.

Government launches new campaign to inform drivers about greener fuels

A fuel labels campaign to help educate drivers on the benefits of biofuels has been launched.

Restricted Roads (20 mph Speed Limit) (Scotland) Bill - Stage 1 Report 

A stage 1 report on the Restricted Roads (20 mph Speed Limit) (Scotland) Bill 2018 has said the Committee supports the aim of seeking to widen the implementation of 20 mph zones in Scotland with the objective of reducing death and serious injury but a key consideration is that a one-size-fits all' approach proposed in the Bill is not appropriate, as it would not give local authorities the flexibility to devise 20mph limits that they consider appropriate for their areas.


The Merchant Shipping (Bridge Visibility) (Small Passenger Ships) Regulations 2019

The purpose of these Regulations is to maintain appropriate safety standards by requiring small passenger ships to be constructed so that the helmsman has good visibility over an arc of 360 degrees. The Regulations revoke and replace the Merchant Shipping (Bridge Visibility) (Small Passenger Ships) Regulations 2005 (S.I. 2005/2286) (“the 2005 Regulations”) which implemented the recommendations of the Marine Accident Investigation Branch in relation to bridge visibility on passenger ships, set out in their Report into the loss of the Marchioness. The Regulations maintain these standards and introduce new provisions to address a legislative gap relating to vessels which are 45 or more but less than 55 metres in length overall.

Maritime and Coastguard Agency second consultation on older passenger ships standards

A Maritime and Coastguard Agency second consultation on the review of domestic passenger vessels "Grandfather Rights". It seeks comments on the proposals as revised since the first consultation. These requirements are intended to be applied retrospectively to the domestic passenger fleet. Consultation ends: 10 July 2019.

EU adopts simpler rules for seafarers' training and certification

The European Council has set out a streamlined regulatory framework for seafarers' training and certification. This will ensure a high level of safety at sea and the prevention of pollution is maintained. The framework is expected to make it more straightforward for seafarers to move freely within the EU, and therefore make the sector a more appealing career option and address the shortage of qualified personnel.

Directive (EU) 2019/883 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 April 2019 on port reception facilities for the delivery of waste from ships, amending Directive 2010/65/EU and repealing Directive 2000/59/EC

This Directive encourages ships to stop dumping plastic and other rubbish into the sea, by ensuring that ports have adequate waste reception (and recycling) facilities; and charging ships an indirect fee which gives them the right to deliver their waste to a port, but is reduced for 'green ships' that can demonstrate they have reduced the amount of waste generated on board. It is part of the Circular Economy Package.

Consultation on yacht and powerboat safety at sea

A Maritime and Coastguard Agency consultation on six marine guidance notes entitled "Yacht and Powerboat Safety at Sea" seeks views on 6 draft marine guidance notes. Consultation ends: 18 July 2019.