The Department of Labour (“DOL”) has published an updated list of requirements for applications for exemption from the new farm workers minimum wage, which came into force on the 1st of March 2013.

The list of requirements to apply for a ministerial determination can be accessed on the DOL’s website. Click here

In summary, the following information is of particular importance:

  1. The DOL has elaborated upon what needs to be included in the Employer’s Project Plan.  In that regard the DOL requires that the Employer indicate how it intends to reach the next financial year’s minimum wage;
  2. The DOL has also indicated that exemption applications should have reached them before 1 March 2013. It would therefore be advisable, in regard to exemption applications filed after 1 March 2013, to file a short explanation as to why the application was late.  This may include, for example, the lengthy time delays caused by having to collate the information; consulting with unions and employees et cetera);
  3. The DOL has now expressly indicated that it requires the Employer to disclose how much it intends to pay its Employees in the event of the application for exemption being granted; and
  4. A list of employees affected by the application with their signatures must be supplied with the exemption application.