On September 13, 2016, the OCC issued a proposed rule setting forth a framework for placing uninsured national banks regulated by the OCC into receivership. While the National Bank Act and Federal Deposit Insurance Act specify the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation as receiver for insured banks and savings associations, the law grants the Comptroller of the Currency broad authority to choose a receiver for uninsured national banks. The proposal would not apply to federal savings associations, all of which are insured, or to uninsured US branch offices of foreign banks.

The proposed rule describes: (i) the appointment of a receiver and required federal notice; (ii) the process for submitting claims against the receivership; (iii) the order of priorities for payment of administrative expenses and claims; (iv) the powers and duties of the receiver; (v) the payment of dividends on claims; (vi) the sources of funds for payments and claims; and (vii) the status of fiduciary and custodial assets and accounts.

While the OCC has not appointed a receiver for an uninsured national bank in many years, the agency believes that clarifying the framework, process and authority promotes the orderly resolution of such institutions if required and contributes to the broader stability of the federal banking system. 

All uninsured national banks are currently trust banks. However, the OCC noted that it retains discretion to grant new charters for uninsured banks, and the OCC specifically stated that an uninsured federal bank charter may be an appropriate entity for delivering banking procedures in a new way in light of technological innovations in financial services.

The deadline to submit comments on the proposed rule is November 14, 2016.

The proposed rule is available at: http://www.occ.gov/news-issuances/news-releases/2016/nr-occ-2016-110a.pdf