New amendments to regulations made under the Health Protection and Promotion Act (HPPA) filed in August 2008 add Clostridium Difficile outbreaks in public hospitals to the list of reportable and communicable diseases for the purposes of the HPPA.

In addition, Regulation 569 (Reports) under the HPPA was amended to add a section that lists the information to be included in a report about a CDAD outbreak. This information includes:

  • the name and address of the hospital and contact person;
  • the agent of the disease;
  • the date the outbreak was first declared and date declared finished as well as the outbreak number;
  • the onset date of the index case and the last case;
  • the total number of cases;
  • the total number of deaths in cases associated with the outbreak during the outbreak period;
  • the disease control measures used to minimize the impact of the outbreak and prevent the spread of disease;
  • quantification of the population at risk for the disease in the entire hospital and in the affected area during the outbreak period;
  • the measures taken to monitor the hospital for signs and symptoms consistent with the outbreak in patients in the hospital; and
  • information about each case, including the date of admission and discharge, laboratory findings and investigatory tests, the onset date and clinical details of signs and symptoms, treatment, complications and outcome, the place where the disease was believed to have been acquired and risk factors for the disease.