In a news briefing on March 2, 2018, deputy director of SIPO, Zhimin He introduced that China’s valid invention patents could take effect in Cambodia and such filings will soon be started.  After rounds of negotiations on the qualifications of effectiveness, filing materials, patent protection terms, China and Cambodia reached the agreement that: only invention patents that are granted by SIPO with filing dates after January 22, 2003 are allowed to be effective in Cambodia. When filing for application for patents to take effect in Cambodia, Application registration form, Specification, copy of extracts from the Patent Register issued by SIPO, and patent documents in English and Khmer language must be submitted. After passing examination by Cambodia’s Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts, such patents could enjoy the same filing date and protection term as in China, which is 20 years from the filing date. Unlike other patent examination sharing modes, Cambodia directly recognizes the result of China’s patent examination. The in-depth cooperation between China and Cambodia in IP area demonstrates the mutual trust of the two countries and it marks a breakthrough in advancing the “One belt and road” initiative.