Alisa Thiry has recently won a court hearing that will lead to her husband being imprisoned for contempt of court if he comes to the UK.

A former model, Alisa Thiry, exited her marriage from Stephen Marks, the co-founder of French Connection, in 2004. She succeeded in obtaining an award of £32m from her Mr Marks!  She married a Belgian businessman and property magnate, Didier Thiry.  At the start of their relationship, 52 year old Mr Thiry was worth £8m.

During her second marriage, as part of very complex financial arrangements between the Thirys, a company owned by the wife made a loan of £13.8m to one of her husband’s companies that has, according to her, never been repaid.  A Judge at an earlier hearing ordered Mr Thiry should disclose information relating to the loan on 12 March this year. 

The barrister acting for the wife, Mr Harry Oliver, said that Mrs Thiry wanted vital information regarding a $50m bond issued over companies that was relevant to the divorce proceedings and how the loan for £13.8m will be met.

Mr Justice Newton jailed Mr Thiry, who did not attend the hearing for contempt, saying that in failing to disclose the information, his contempt had been “flagrant”.  The Judge, Mr Justice Newton, said “I take the view that this type of behaviour cannot be tolerated.  It must be understood by this husband, and by all husbands, that when considerable time, money and effort have been expended, it is simply unacceptable for the Court to be treated in this way”.  He therefore found the contempt of Court proved and passed an immediate sentence of 4 months’ imprisonment.  Unfortunately for Mrs Thiry, as Mr Thiry is currently in Belgium, he will not be arrested until he sets foot on UK soil. 

Non-disclosure is very much a theme of our times.  The phenomenally rich are keen to hold on to their wealth by often quite drastic means.  In 2013, Mr Scott Young was also jailed for failing to co-operate and make a full and frank disclosure of his financial circumstances.