On 21 July 2015, the US Treasury Department announced that it had added three individuals to the SDN list under its Syria sanctions programme. The three were added for their alleged links to Hizballah and its support of the Assad government in Syria. The Treasury Department asserted that Ibrahim Aqil and Fu’ad Shukr both serve on Hizballah’s highest military body, the Jihad Council, and have actively supported Hizballah and the Syrian government against Syrian opposition forces. The third individual, Abd Al Nur Shalan, allegedly is a businessman with close ties to Hizballah leadership and serves as Hizballah’s point person for the procurement of weapons and other materials.

The Treasury also modified its listing for a fourth individual, Mustafa Badr Al-Din, who was originally added to the SDN list in 2012 under the Specially Designated Global Terrorist (“SDGT”) sanctions programme. His listing was modified to add a designation under the Syria sanctions programme based on his leadership support of Hizballah.