A new law signed this month by Russian President Vladimir Putin will tighten the government’s grip over citizens’ personal data and make it extremely difficult for many foreign companies to continue doing business in Russia.  According to the legislation, companies that process personal information must guarantee “that recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, refining, and extraction of the personal data of citizens of the Russian Federation” will be done through “databases located on the territory of the Russian Federation."  Moreover, Russia’s communications oversight agency, Roskomnadzor, will have the right, upon obtaining a court order, to block access to websites that violate the law.  In order to comply with the new legislation, businesses that currently store the personal information of their customers or employees outside of Russia will have to segregate data about Russian citizens and store it on a separate server physically located in Russia (or else move their entire storage system to Russia, which would obviously please Putin more than anything). This will inevitably be costly and, for some companies – such as those that offer or utilize cloud computing services – extremely difficult logistically.  The law takes effect in September 2016.