The Third Arab Forum on Asset Recovery (AFAR III) took place on the 1st to 3rd November 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland. It was hosted by the Government of Switzerland, in association with the Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative (StAR) of the World Bank and the United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime. Our partner, James Maton, spoke on the use of civil remedies to recover the proceeds of corruption, and the circumstances in which those remedies might be appropriate and useful.

A number of country-specific guides were produced as resources for AFAR III to explain means of beneficial ownership, including one for the United Kingdom. The guide provides assistance to investigators on the type of information available on natural persons who control companies and trusts or otherwise play an important role in a legal person and arrangement in the United Kingdom, and the conditions that need to be met to be able to access such information.

A link to ‘An Investigator’s Guide to Company Ownership Information in the United Kingdom’ can be found here.

Guides were also produced for Jersey, Liechtenstein and the USA. These can be viewed here.