TERAGLOW PTY LTD [2016] ATMO 32 (31 MAY 2016)

Teraglow applied to register the below trade mark, being the image of a Samurai warrior for fishing goods in Class 28. The application was blocked by a prior registration for the plain word SAMURAI covering the same goods.

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The Hearing Officer’s decision in this matter draws upon a long line of case law from Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand relating to the likelihood of conceptual similarity and/or commonality of idea leading to consumer confusion. In summarising the case law in this area, the Hearing Officer noted:

I therefore do not consider it an impermissible extension of the principle in Jafferjee to find that a word and its pictorial equivalent are deceptively similar, and it is open to me to make such a finding here.

Having satisfied herself that such a finding could be made, the Hearing Officer set about making that finding and, in doing so, noted that the applicant’s trade mark ‘bears the hallmarks of a samurai, and that is how the [t]rade [m]ark will be perceived and recalled’.

Being conceptually identical, the Hearing Officer quickly found that the trade marks were deceptively similar and the Samurai warrior image refused registration.

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This article is an extract from Spruson & Ferguson’s Asia-Pacific Regional Trade Mark Update. You can view the entire summary here.