A number of well known retailers in the US have been plagued by a series of hacks and cyber attacks all of which have seriously compromised the companies' data and security.

Home Depot Inc has announced that 56 million customer cards and 53 million customer addresses may have been compromised in a five-month attack on its payment terminals, making the breach much bigger in scale than the attack at Target Corp. The Target Corp attack occurred in the 2013 holiday shopping season and was the largest hack at the time in US corporate history as seen by the 70 million customers who were affected when their financial data such as their name and email addresses were exposed. A flaw in the Target system meant hackers were able to access this information. As a result Target had to pay out over $10 million in compensation to those affected by data breach. Home Depot has indicated that stolen account information from a third party vendor was used to gain access to the internal computer network, this was made worse by a vulnerability in Microsoft's Window Operating system. A number of other retail chains have also been recently hit in the wave of high profile attacks such as the Neiman Marcus Group Ltd to grocer Supervalue Inc – all big names in the American retail sphere. The attacks have prompted big card-issuing banks including J.P. Morgan Chase & Co to start replacing customers' debit and credit cards that were exposed in the attack. The most recent company to be attacked is the Trump Hotel Collection. The Trump Hotel Collection has confirmed that they had in fact fallen victim to a malware infection. The infection was specific to their property in Las Vegas according to the breach notification that was posted online. The malware was apparently meant to target the payment information of the customers who stayed at the hotel. Their investigation was not able to determine if, or how much, data was exfiltrated from the company systems but, they did learn that the malware was affecting their payment systems.