In 2013-0491571E5, the CRA confirmed its view that a “partnership interest” is one property notwithstanding that a partner may hold separate “units” in the partnership. Accordingly, where a partner sells only some of its units in the partnership during a fiscal year of the partnership, the effect is “the disposition of part of a property”. As such, a portion of the total adjusted cost base (ACB) of the one partnership interest must be allocated to the part sold, being the portion “that can reasonably be regarded as attributable to that part” (under s. 43). This likewise reduces the continuing ACB of the one partnership interest at that time (under s. 53(2)(d)). Finally, because the partnership interest is one property, 100% of any income allocated to the partner at the end of the partnership’s fiscal year increases the ACB of the (one) partnership interest immediately after the end of the fiscal year (under s. 53(1)(e)(i)).