In 2016, a Dutch design and engineering firm, Studio OBA, has revealed its design of a floating house which can divide into two parts if a couple breaks up. They are calling the concept “prenuptial housing”. The creator, Omar Kbiri, has said that the company hopes that ‘Prenuptial Housing’ is a solution for the increasing number of marriages that end up in divorce. Rather pragmatically, Kbiri came up with the idea after hearing a series of breakup horror stories while looking for a home with his partner. He felt there should be a housing option available that is able to adapt to changes in your life and relationship status.

Kbiri worked with Studio OBA to turn his concept into a design. His inspiration came from Amsterdam’s canals, so the design was based on a floating home. The house is made up of two prefabricated units which fit together. The units are made of lightweight carbon fibre elements and a semi-transparent wooden layer. The idea behind the floating home is that hen couple decides to separate, the house separate too, by detaching into two units which then go solo on the water. The good news is that if a couple get back together the house can simply be reattached! “It’s made to fit back together again,” Kbiri said. However if it is a long term departure and the parties have moved on, the house can still adapt appropriately. Kbiri further commented the house can “let a newfound love fit in.”

There has been no word on production of the housing and some may feel it is a rather cynical way to live. There may be far better ways to protect your property when contemplating marriage or moving in with your partner.